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The section “Cases law” contains an area dedicated to the maxims and judgments given in the many trials followed by the law firm. It includes proposals with commentaries written by the attorneys of the law firm who have participated in the defense, which are then compared with the main legal guidelines.


The documents are divided into three main areas that can be accessed by clicking on the links on the right, that will give access to their individual contents.


In substantive criminal law area, the institutions analyzed are classified by titles of the offence, whereas the cases on procedural criminal law are collected to identify the various stages of the proceedings.


The cases published in this area will be implemented periodically to allow us to  draw attention to significant judgments, which outline the orientation and guidelines of individual courts that are not always documented in traditional legal web sites.


In order to create a legal instrument that is really operative ,the law firm has  recently included some judgments reported by other important law firms - and we hope this increases over time - contribution of which allows for a daily comparison of common experiences, giving a more complete view of the jurisprudence of reference.

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