The law firm

The law firm has been working in an associated form since 2013, when the lawyers, Maria Chiara Zanconi and Roberto Zingari, established a professional association in the knowledge that today, more than ever, the expertise and experience needed to offer complete client representation goes beyond the conception of the 'soloist in a toga'.


Despite having matured their individual professional experience from the teachings of eminent and distinguished criminal lawyers, the main strength of the firm - in continuous evolution and growth since the outset - is working as a team. A team that aspires to a new approach to the legal profession. This requires continuous dialogue and confrontation,  not only among our in-house lawyers and colleagues, but also with the various professionals with whom  they concur on a daily basis.


The Law firm does in fact rely on its close collaboration with expert consultants and professionals, who aid and assist the lawyers during the hearings and at each stage of their preparation.


The philosophy of the firm is to pay reverential attention to the great masters and orators of the past, whilst looking firmly towards the future, for the solemnity of trial is increasingly marked by the use of the technological and scientific tools available today.