Practise areas

The Law firm provides support in the exclusive area of criminal law and assists people (including minors) and companies in culpable and premeditated crimes against the person, intellectual property and public administration crimes, with a particular attention to the white collar crime and tax crimes.


The firm draws on the expertise of attorneys with experience in specific areas of crime. In particular in criminal offences such as sexual abuse, the medical professional negligence, crimes against property and public administration and the environmental crimes, as well as criminal law firm.


The attorneys have followed a number of trials involving so called 'white-collar' crimes, focusing mainly on commercial criminal law, with particular specialization in corporate crimes, bankruptcy, tax offenses, "carousel fraud" and tax violations, including violation of rules for the protection of health and safety in the workplace, crimes related to intellectual property and the counterfeiting  of trademarks and patents, not to mention the responsibility of institution provided for legislative decree n. 231/2001.


The firm’s attorneys are also responsible for training and they participate in conferences based on their particular legal area of interest.